New Trends on Intelligent Systems and Soft Computing 2014

Granada     13 - 14 February, 2014


Welcome to the 11th edition of our "Seminar on new trends on Intelligent Systems and Soft Computing", which takes place within the framework of the Masters program "Soft Computing and Intelligent Systems".

The purpose of this seminar is to provide a forum where first order researchers can offer us an overview of the state of the art and the latest achievements of Soft Computing and Artificial Intelligence both in the industry and in the commercial arena. Our invited speakers will show us their latest developments. They are helping to establish the scientific basis needed to make technology transfer possible; that is, the transfer of knowledge from Soft Computing and AI Research to real life problems. Actually, one of the main goals of this seminar is to offer new prospects for young researchers so that their interest in the so-called "Intelligent Techniques" is stimulated.

Scientific Director

  • Juan Carlos Cubero

Organizing Chair

  • Nicolás Marín


  • Antonio Bailón
  • Jorge Casillas
  • Carlos Cruz
  • Julián Garrido
  • Manuel Gómez

This conference is financed by ...

  • Visiting proffesors mobility program MAS2008-00413 (Ministerio de Innovación y Ciencia)
  • Plan Propio (Universidad de Granada)
  • Dirección General de Política Universitaria